Yachting with luxury Caribbean sailing catamaran Free Ingwe
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Yachting with luxury Caribbean sailing catamaran Free Ingwe

British Virgin Island Caribbean Sailing Vacations
hold you spellbound for 7 days

Vacations in Virgin islands on Caribbean sailing catamarn. See our special family rates

Caribbean Charters An Adventure not a resort!

Details are that special element that adds Quality to an already super vacation. As BVI Caribbean vacation professionals we provide guidance for the best Locations, the best vessels, the best time of each month, the best captains and the best chefs (cooks).

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Our profession & our continuance in business is the ability to provide our clients with superior details & guidance.   We live, eat drink, think & work Yachting Vacations. We simply can not afford to let any other company provide better quality details than we provide for our clients! 

Quality details make all the difference!

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The easiest decision for you to make is the decision as to which company to pick when selecting "YOUR" Caribbean charters adventure!  There are many companies to select from and none of them have come up with the answer.
There is only one company that should be in the number one spot and that is the company who provide more quality details for your vacation.  The better the quality Caribbean details the more quality you would enjoy.

           Pick the company who provide the best "QUALITY" details!

Imagine world class cuisine which can play a tango with your taste buds.  Personal chefs serve up endless dishes of creative beauty and each dish plays havoc with those taste buds.  Yachting Vacations white gloved treatment provides gracious living in your private floating resort.

Catamaran sailing vacations offers so many options, explore uninhabited islands, or simply relax on your luxury yacht sipping scotch on transparent rocks shaded by pretty paper parasols.  The soft sounds of an island steel band playing yellow bird rustle through royal palm fronds. 


               Mother Nature and Paradise, just like heaven!

Catamaran sailing vacations fun begins the moment your captain meets you at the airport on arrival.  A Sail with our company it is Unique,  there are no taxi rides,  all our captains meet you personally at the airport. Within 9 minutes of meeting your captain everyone would be onboard their selected yacht, ready to Sail. This is a magic carpet ride in a fantasy world where mermaids and dolphins play.  As bvi sailing captains we refer to the British Virgin Islands as "Peter Pan Land" and it is just that!    You can see all the islands scattered around you all the time, so most sails are just one hour to the next island.   The Virgins are known by the worlds sailors as the "Mecca of yachting in the world,"  there is a good reason for this.  The number one factor is the calm conditions, this location is protected from the outside ocean, so there is no sea swell.  This provides gentle, calm, protected, conditions in a real paradise. Short sail means more quality time having fun doing fun things.

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